About Us

The founders of Control Cargo – C-Cargo Ltd. are experienced cargo surveyors with more than 15 years of practice. Our office is located close to the Black Sea Port of Bourgas. Also we have representatives and correspondents in major Bulgarian cities(ports) and agreements with some international survey companies located in different regions that gives opportunity to offer large services.

Our company is equipped with up-to-date computers, digital video and photo cameras that allow supplying our clients with on-line information and sending Original Reports in proper time.

We have both sea-going and shore based backgrounds and possess all the necessary expertise to sustain our services at the highest possible level. Our priority is based on an individual approach to each client. All this makes our company of one of the most attractive in the market of survey services.

The marine sea fleet basically attend to international trade, in daily which activity of participants, constantly conflict of interests takes place, therefore in this area of human activity barest necessity in surveyor (expert) services has appeared. Our company is neither involved in trading, shipping or transportation, nor is part of any group which is involved in any of these activities which could possibly be construed to affect its independence or impartiality.


Draught Survey

Control Cargo Ltd. conducts draft surveys on a variety of different ship types and cargoes.

On / Off – Hire Bunker and condition survey

Control Cargo Ltd has an experienced staff of bunker surveyor.

Sampling and sample preparation

Cargo sampling is the taking and retaining of true representative samples of commodity products, such as bulk, liquid cargo.

Supervising of discharge/loading operations, witnessing

We verify that the goods are packed according to required method.

Pre-shipment condition inspection of general, steel and bulk cargoes

In most contracts of carriage, the shipper’s responsibilities begin at the time of loading and it is therefore important to inspect the cargo before this stage

Tally-count of different kinds of cargoes

To tally is “to check” or “keep a record” of all cargo loaded into or discharged from a vessel, truck, container, etc..

Containers and containerized cargo inspections

A lot of general cargoes is carried in the containers. Thus, companies that deal with containerized shipping are often interested in surveys of containers

Drug and Alcohol Test

Control Cargo Ltd. is nominated by Euro Laboratory Services to the Shipping Industry (ELSSI)

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Head office

KRZ PORT, Bourgas, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 888 313534 (24/7)

e-mail : controlcargo2008@abv.bg